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Naval Architecture

Our work starts from the beginning.
It ranges from initial overviews of design proposals to support throughout the design, and build phase.

  • Our work includes:
  • Hull and appendage design
  • Engineering validation for design concepts
  • Specification development
  • Initial parameter checks
  • Initial scantling review
  • Intact and damage stability assessment
  • Weights and stability calculations
  • Digitising of lines plans and hydrostatics
  • Freeboard (loadline) marks & drawings
  • Operational limitations
  • 2D & 3D design
  • Watertight subdivision definition

We incorporate Statutory aspects such as fire, escape and stability in to the fundamentals of the Designer’s proposals as well as ensuring the design meet current rules and regulations.

We are able to produce initial Intact and damage stability analysis which is calculated using IMO approved software. Final versions are compiled into stability booklets submitted to a notified body / class / flag authorities.

We can update existing stability booklets as well as advising on stability issues before commencing a refit.

Our team can undertake inclining trials and lightship surveys anywhere in the world, on any vessel or alternatively we can utilise information from third parties.

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