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UKCA & CE Marking

What is the UKCA mark?

The UKCA marking is a new UK product marking that is used for goods being placed on the market in GB. UKCA allows the UK to have control over its goods regulations and covers most goods which previously required the CE marking, known as ‘new approach’ goods.

The UKCA marking came into effect on 01 January 2021 and can be used now. However, to allow businesses time to adjust to the new requirements, businesses will now be able to use the CE marking until 01 January 2023 in most cases.

UKCA certified Vessels will need to now comply with the UK regulations now known as the Recreational Craft Regulations 2017 No.737. CE marking is still valid for all European markets and vessels sold in the EU will still require CE marking.

We have expertise with both markets and can assist you to gain full certification in both the UK & Europe.

  • Vessels being traded second-hand between the UK and EU will be required to meet the obligations set out in either the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) in the EU, or the Recreational Craft Regulations (RCR) in the UK, when placed on either market after the 1 January 2021
  • Pre-owned vessel being imported from the EU to be placed on the UK market will, after 1 January 2022, be required to obtain a new UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) mark in line with the requirements of the Recreational Craft Regulations 2017 No.737. In order to obtain a UKCA mark, a boat will require a post construction assessment

Once the service you require is confirmed and contact has been made, we will complete a pre PCA survey on the vessel to identify any non-conformities. Recommendations and modifications will be supplied to the client, and all appraisals submitted to the notified body.

As each vessel is vastly different, please contact us at anytime to discuss the processes for your specific requirements.

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